Why do I sleep better after seeing a Chiropractor?

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Blog

“I slept so well after my treatment’” is one of the most rewarding things a Chiropractor gets to hear from patients when seeing them for Chiropractic treatment.  The reason for this is that it has to do with a hormone called cortisol.  Cortisol levels get a bad rap in the media.  It is part of a fabulous hormonal mechanism that the body utilises in times of stress.  Some of its functions are to increase the level of available glucose in the bloodstream and increase the use of glucose in the brain as a fuel source, boost the heart rate and increase blood pressure.  This means that the body has the energy and mental acuity to deal with stress, whether the stress is from a real or perceived threat.  

When cortisol runs wild though, either because one is sleep-deprived, in physical pain, overstressed, anxious or overwhelmed at life, the mechanisms that make cortisol fantastic, can wreak havoc over the long term.  Part of cortisol’s function in times of stress is also to curb digestion, appetite, reproduction, immune system function, repair and growth systems, along with changing the way the brain perceives fear and governs one’s frame of mind and drive.  All of these are great stuff if under a pressing deadline for work, in acute pain or being chased by a ravished tiger, but not over the long term.   The body’s stress response mechanism will react the same, each and every time to stresses by releasing cortisol.

Coming back to what Chiropractic is all about – taking pressure off the nervous system so that the brain can communicate freely with the body and orchestrate what needs to be done to thrive.  Taking stress off the body by correcting the imbalances using Chiropractic techniques, decreases the stress response, which in turn, turns down the volume button of cortisol in the body.  Less cortisol when it’s not needed, allows the body to continue flourishing with health and wellness.    

Simply put, better brain-nerve-body communication = less cortisol.  By now it is clear, Chiropractic can assist with optimising repair in the body, better digestion, lessening stress on immune system function and better quality movement and sleep.  Treat the body well and it will serve you well.  

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Take care,
Dr Monica

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