Chiropractic Treatment

What to expect in your visit with us

Our chief initial priority is to focus on your main area of concern.  Most often, our patients show up with these presenting primarily as pain and limited movement.

Taking a thorough history regarding your condition is fundamental.  It allows us to see if there is any direct or indirect cause for the way that you are feeling.  Sleeping habits, work posture, work duties, past injuries, exercise or recreational activities – these are some of the events that make up part of your unique story.

A careful neurological and orthopaedic evaluation is performed as well as specific chiropractic movement assessments.  This helps us zone in further on what may be causing your symptoms.

Building your treatment plan is an essential part of the consultation.  This is where we explain and discuss what we have found and come up with a plan that would be right for you.  It is also an ideal way to keep us on track and will allow us to re-test, re-evaluate and measure your progress as we help you on your journey to wellness again.

Most of our practice patients understand at this point how indispensable and essential it is to keep the nervous system and the brain functioning at peak performance, allowing the body to get on with what it needs to do for you without being hampered or left vulnerable to a stressful state.


Being a pro-active participant in your own health is the best way to look after your physical & mental well-being.  This is crucial, and we love being part of this. This is why we offer you Relief Care & Restorative Care approaches to choose from.

Relief Care:

This care approach assists with your most pressing condition present at the time of your consultation.

Our Relief Care approach:

  • Centres around minimising or relieving painful symptoms
  • Focuses on getting better functional movement

Restorative Care:

Most of our patients have come to understand the value & enormous benefit Chiropractic provides them & most often choose a Restorative Care approach.

This pro-active approach uses a slightly longer-term, but more holistic & encompassing plan to assist in minimising the chances of severe symptom flare-ups.

It addresses the underlying causes of these flare-ups long before they create a chronic problem & stress response in the body.  By minimising prolonged pressure on the nervous system, the brain & nervous system work together to repair, grow & move the body to function at it ‘s optimal best.

Our Restorative Care approach:

  • Maintains long-term vital spinal & nervous system health
  • Achieves & sustains proper posture & range of motion in the body
  • Improves the body’s ability to manage stress
  • Betters cognitive brain function & improves energy levels
  • Improves the body’s ability to repair & heal itself

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We service the greater part of Northern and Western Johannesburg; areas include Randpark Ridge, Northcliff, Fairlands, Cresta, Weltevreden Park, Honeydew, North Riding, Sundowner, Eagle Canyon, Little Falls and Radiokop to name but a few.

Our location

Anacare Wellness Centre
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