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This week we celebrate Youth Day in South Africa.   A day when we should all be grateful for the incredible courage, passion, and sacrifice of the young people of Soweto on June 16, 1976. 

Between 5,000 and 20,000 students walked out of their schools and assembled for a peaceful march toward Orlando Stadium protesting the quality of education and new lecturing language demands of the apartheid government. Police ordered the crowd to disperse and then opened fire. 

Thirteen-year-old Hector Pieterson was one of the first fatalities.  He was carried by a fellow student, Mbuyisa Makhubo to a nearby clinic with Hector’s sister by his side.  The shooting turned the peaceful protest into a riot.  The death toll of students and other protestors is estimated at 700 people.  The photo of Hector being carried to the clinic came to symbolise the brutality of the apartheid regime and the start of its downfall.  Today we all live in freedom in South Africa because of the courage of these students. 

The best way to honour their sacrifice is to live our own lives with the same conviction and courage, don’t you think?

Today we’re talking about….

Summer bodies … And the fact that they are made in Winter.

Does it seem frivolous to be talking about creating Summer bodies in Winter when we’ve just spoken about Youth Day?  Courage takes many forms.  One of those ways is to have dreams and goals.  What goals do you have when it comes to your health and fitness?  Where does the courage come in?  You may not be eating correctly or exercising enough to make those goals a reality.  It could require a deep mindset change, and new daily habits being put into action. Habits that may seem too hard, or even unnecessary, at first. 

‘Summer bodies are made in Winter’ might sound cute but what does that mean?

It means waking up earlier in the morning, getting out of bed, going to the gym, or running/walking briskly around the block, or doing resistance training.  It means not stuffing yourself with bread, cakes, or beer.  It means eating correctly and drinking lots of water every day.  And when it’s dark and cold when you wake up, it’s a lot easier to roll over and go back to sleep.  Do you have the conviction, passion, and courage to get up anyway?  Is achieving your goal, your dream the source of that passion?  Habits are the best way to build your daily accomplishments and reach those goals.  If you can master your health and your body, you’re on a long way to achieving those goals.

‘Ninety-nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses’ – George Washington Carver

So, what habits do you need to action to build the body that will carry you to your goals?

Habits formed in Winter will continue in Summer. Here are 7 you should put into action today.

  • Write down your goals every day.  Preferably when you wake up.  But if that distracts you from exercising, then do it last thing at night before you turn out the light. 
  • Set your alarm for an hour earlier.  When it rings don’t despair.  Think of it as your goal calling your name and get out there and meet it.  Every time you exercise you are one step closer to meeting your dreams face-to-face.
  • A diet is not something you grit your teeth and endure for a fortnight or a month.  It’s a lifestyle. For example, a carnivore has a diet of meat.  A vegetarian has a diet of non-meat food sources.  What diet will help you become the healthiest you can be? Make sure it is sustainable and balanced.  If necessary, see a dietician for advice.  Then…empty the pantry of non-healthy and processed food,  and restock it with the healthiest food you can find.  Even better – grow your own. There’s nothing like growing your own food to become enthusiastic about eating it. It tastes better too.  *For those of you that know I grow my own vegetables, you’ll also know that my dogs enjoy them even more than I get to – the buggers, lol!*
  • Drink lots of water!  We can’t stress this enough.  Every cell in your body, every muscle, organ, and system requires water to work correctly and optimally.
  • Other habits include self-development.  Continual learning is essential if you are to be intellectually and emotionally ready to not just meet your dreams but to grow into the kind of person who can lead them!  Grow your mind and body!
  • Creating balance in your life.  Make sure all your needs – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual are being fed by your habits. 
  • Know, without a doubt, that you are truly worth it 🙂  It is about getting healthy, not a six-pack.  It’s about being available to your partner, your children, and yourself whilst being the healthiest most balanced you can be.

And most importantly of all – encourage yourself to leap to the challenge when it’s a cold, dark, Winter morning and the warm duvet is very…shall we say – persuasive.  Remind yourself not only of your goals but also of how well you’ve done so far.  Phone a friend and let them hold you accountable – or better yet, get them to join you and hold each other accountable! 

So, how can Chiropractic Care help?

Are you in pain, or ‘all twisted up’?  Before you begin any exercise make an appointment with a Chiropractor.  If you exercise when your spine isn’t correctly aligned you could hurt yourself even more.  This will become very discouraging and will delay your recovery, not to mention keeping you off the trajectory of reaching your goals and dreams. And you may not be that keen to go to the beach when Summer rolls around.  Again.  Time for a change!

Call us today and book your appointment or to book online!

Yours in health,
Dr. Monica and Helen

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