Is my training really causing me back issues? The 4 most common culprits!

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Blog

Is my training really causing me back issues?  The 4 most common culprits!

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It’s the beginning of Autumn. As the seasons change it’s a good time to ensure that you’re ready, in terms of both weather and life. Now is a good time to ensure your heaters, no matter what type, are all working correctly. 

Make sure you’re physically ready for life’s ‘weather changes’. Unlike your heaters, your body needs to be kept in good working condition to handle life’s changes, whether they are health, financial, political or emotional. 

Is your core health set up correctly? What about your spine?

Today we’re talking about….

Getting ready for training
and how Chiropractic Care helps

If your spine isn’t perfectly aligned, not only will you start to hurt sooner, but you may actually damage yourself even more. 

4 things that can lead to injury while working out:


1. Your feet

Do your feet overpronate (lean inwards), or supinate (lean outwards)? Both can put immense strain on your ankles, knees, hips and spine whereas normal foot angles and biomechanics doesn’t. The same can be said for walking pigeon-toed or with duck feet. 


2. Your Weight

Underweight people don’t have the necessary muscle to hold the spine in place, the bones themselves are brittle and so don’t have the necessary strength to carry the load of the body. Overweight people are putting every vertebra, joint, disc, tendons, and muscles under huge pressure thanks to gravity.


3. Gravity

The battle against gravity is one your spine faces every day. It’s called living. Even with perfect posture, and the ideal weight for your height, your spine is still carrying a large load. The average adult human head, for example, weighs five kilograms. Thanks to gravity, your neck is carrying a load of fifteen kilograms! No wonder it hurts if you slouch over your keyboard!


4. Posture - awake and asleep

If, for some reason, your head is no longer supported by your pillow as you sleep, you’ll wake up with a sore neck. Training, especially lifting weights with a neck that’s already under stress can result in injury. Habitually poor posture is often the most likely cause of lower back pain. Because your neck is already tired, your spine scatters the load onto other vertebrae, forcing them to carry an extra load, more strain, and increased wear and tear. Training in this space can cause damage, to your spine and your muscles.

3 Reasons why being fit and strong help:

When you are fit and healthy, you’re:

  • Unlikely to be carrying extra weight. 
  • Your muscles automatically hold you in the correct posture.
  • Your muscles take longer to tire. 

Without strong muscles acting as a cushion for your spine and joints, your knees, hips, back, and neck will suffer, sometimes permanently. 

So, how can Chiropractic care help?

Before you start on a training schedule, you should see a chiropractor so that you begin as you mean to continue – in great shape! A chiropractor can suggest ways to warm up and cool down that will keep your spine flexible and healthy, minimising any pain or possible injury.

“‘90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by the movement of the spine.”

Dr Roger Sperry

1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research

Are you your spines own worst enemy? Time to make an appointment and get it straightened out!

Q: Is it true that a chiropractor can help you prevent injury before training?
A: Yes! Book an appointment now. We’ll make sure your spine is where it should be, leaving you able to move freely and exercise without fear.

Yours in health,
Dr. Monica and Helen

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