How do you eliminate that pressure feeling in your back?

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Blog

In a previous blog post, Which everyday movements cause the most pressure on the spine? we reviewed which positions and movements create the most pressure on the back.  Now let’s have a look at how this pressure can be minimised during everyday activities.

  • Household chores like washing dishes or folding laundry can leave your back feeling tight and painful. Putting your one foot up onto a small step, will lessen the curve in your lower back and release some pressure.
  • Reduce the twisting in your spine when bending over to pick something up by supporting your body with your hand on a table or chair as you bend over.
  • No cleaning routine is complete without vacuuming. To relieve the pressure, vacuum for 10-15 minutes and take a break but doing something else.  Vacuuming in chunks allows your spinal muscles to relax a tad before being put to work again.  Also, look to see if you can extend the handle on the vacuum to lessen how far you need to lean forward.
  • Getting up every 30-40 minutes from your seated position creates movement in the spine. The bran needs this neural stimulation from movement to engage with the body and trigger important neural impulses.
  • Laptop bags and school backpacks are often overloaded. Load only what is essential for that day and leave the rest at home or at the office.  Carrying an overloaded case causes strain on postural muscles and disrupts the proper movement of the spinal joints.
  • When driving long distances be sure to stop once an hour to move about, limber up the spinal joints and give your tight muscles a stretch. If you have a lumbar support built into your car seat, sit back into it for it to support the lower back. You could also roll up a small towel (like a sausage) and place this into the small of your back to create this support.  Don’t lean onto one side.  Re-adjust yourself to ensure that you are sitting equally on both bum bones.

A Chiropractic care programme, combined with the above-listed tips, will ensure the spine is in great shape, moves well and keeps you on your journey to wellness.

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