How Do I Set Up My Work Place to eliminate my back and neck pain?

by | Sep 12, 2020 | Blog

Most Chiropractic clinics have a workstation setup hand-out guide to help each patient make the best of their work environment.  Below are some listed key features that can be easily implemented to assist with the correct workstation setup at home or the office.  This allows for less distractions brought on by neck and lower backache, optimises brain function and leads to better concentration whilst getting tasks completed.  Work goals crushed for the day! #winning.

  • Ideally, your chair should have a lumbar support (an extra cushioned section at the level where your lower back curves). If it doesn’t, you can always take a small towel and roll it up like a sausage and place it in the small of your back.  Now here is the trick to it all …. you need to sit back into your chair with the small of your back relaxed into and against this lumbar support, whilst keeping your back upright in a comfortable position.
  • Do not sit on the edge of your seat as this causes you to hunch forward, and places tremendous pressure on your lower back, upper back and neck.
  • Your feet should be flat on the floor. If you are a little on the short side, place a box or step for your feet to rest on, making sure that your thighs are slightly lower than your hips.  You may just need to lower your chair and desk or raise your chair and desk to achieve this.
  • It is advisable to make sure your legs and chair fit under the desk, otherwise you will have to crane forward. If you need to, lift your desk on some wooden blocks which will help if you have a lower desk.
  • Do not cross your legs under the desk.  This twists the pelvis and lower back causing extra pressure on the spine.
  • Most of us get very engrossed in our work and forget to move.  Get up and give your postural muscles a break.  Move for a minute or two every 30 to 40 minutes. The body was created to move and not to sit in the same position for hours at a time.
  • The level at which the PC monitor is plays a very big role in neck posture as well as influencing the posture for the rest of the spine. If your monitor is positioned too low, your neck will be craning downwards.  If your monitor is positioned too high, your neck will tend to crane upwards.
  • Finding the correct height for your monitor: check firstly where your eyes come to rest naturally when you look straight forward.  It is at this level that the top of your screen should be.  Prop your monitor up on a book or two to achieve this if needed.
  • If you use a laptop, lifting the screen can create a bit of a problem as your keyboard may well be sitting too high once you have propped your screen up. This is where an external keyboard can help you.
  • Typing up from multiple documents?  No problem.  Instead of placing them flat on the desk next to your PC or laptop, lift them onto a clipboard and place this clipboard upright next to the screen or monitor (using a recipe book stand works wonders here).

If you would like advice on how further to improve your posture or workstation set up, send us a photo of yourself at your work station.  Take the shot from the side and another from behind you so that we can assist you where we can.

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