Chiropractors & Your Strength Training Regime

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Are you finding that you always seem to be hurting yourself, and you can never quite figure out how or why?

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As we settle into Autumn, it’s important not to settle on the couch and wait for Spring! It’s five months away. The best and healthiest bodies are created in winter. Have you ever watched a sled dog being put into a harness? All they want to do is run. It’s minus degrees but they can’t wait for the signal. They’ve discovered not only the joy of movement but also of being active in winter. 

It’s time to unleash your inner husky!

(But make sure you have the right team behind you.)

Today we’re talking about….

Your Strength Training Regime

Are you finding that you always seem to be hurting yourself, and you can never quite figure out how or why? Going to the gym with no coaching from the instructors is the surest way to cause damage to your muscles, tendons, and of course, your joints and spine.

The same applies to working out at home. You’re more likely to injure yourself working out at home than at the gym. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go to the gym or work out at home. What it means is that you should ensure that your spine and joints are all in the place they should be before you subject them to the stresses of being stretched and loaded with extra weight … and that they stay that way.

Always visit your chiropractor for a check-up and possible adjustments before you hit the gym!


Is that the only time you should see a chiropractor while training?

No. A chiropractor is as essential to achieving your fitness goals as a coach.


How chiropractic adjustments help you train

While chiropractors work with joints, specifically of the spine, their care actually operates on the nervous system. This combination of the spine and nervous system places the body in optimal physical and emotional shape. If your body is misaligned how happy are you truly going to be?

5 Ways chiropractic care helps you train better

1. Perfecting your spine’s alignment
You may be hurting yourself because your spine is misaligned. A chiropractor can fix that. The messages from your brain will now be able to get through unhindered. It also means that your joints won’t suffer from as much damaging wear and tear as they would when they were misaligned.

2. Stimulating your body’s nervous system
When your body’s nervous system is stimulated, the muscles will react and benefit as they should from your strength training.

3. Movement will be easier
Correct realignment means your spine, joints, and muscles can move more easily. This means achieving your fitness goals will be easier.

4. Decreasing injuries
When your spine and joints are aligned properly, and they along with your muscles are moving as they are designed to, the number of times you injure yourself, as well as the severity of the injuries should dramatically decrease.

5. Targeted warm-ups and cool-downs
Because your chiropractor deals with the underlying structure on which every muscle, tendon and nerve hangs, and if they know the fitness goal you have in mind, they can advise on the best warm-ups and cool-downs to prevent your muscles from seizing up and pulling your spine and joints out of alignment.

So, how can Chiropractic care help?

One thing you should never do is ‘work through the pain’. Pain is the body’s indicator that something is wrong. A spine, or a joint, that’s out of alignment and struggling to cope with loads and weights it’s not meant to carry, is both wrong and painful! It will only get worse. See your chiropractor immediately!

“Movement is the song of the body.”

Vanda Scaravelli

Yoga instructor

Reach for higher levels of fitness with a properly aligned spine and joints, and at the same time enjoy easier and pain-free movement in everyday actions.

Q: Is it true that a chiropractor can help you prevent injury during training?
Yes! Book an appointment now.
We’ll make sure your spine and joints stay in place and give you excellent warm-up and cool-down exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Yours in health,
Dr. Monica and Helen

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