Are Chiropractors adverse to mainstream medicine?

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Blog

Undoubtedly no.  With emergencies and life-threatening conditions, medical advancements have superseded most of our expectations in comparison to a few years ago and, it is thanks to these advancements that many, still have loved ones to spend time with today.

Mainstream medicine ver often (but not always) treats the symptoms to most conditions that it is presented with.  For example, chronic lower back pain is commonly treated with an anti-inflammatory.  Headaches are prescribed pain tablets.  The problem here is that a band-aid approach is being applied.  If the actual underlying cause for these conditions is not being identified and tackled, these symptoms will return time and time again.

The core of Chiropractic, however, is to return the body to a state of wellness, allowing the body to heal itself as intended.  By taking pressure off the nervous system using gentle Chiropractic techniques, the brain and body can communicate freely to grow, repair, reproduce etc.  Getting to the root of a concern is the Chiropractor’s core focus.

It must be reiterated that modern medicine is lifesaving and is invaluable in our society.  However, if one can listen to and take care of one’s body in a more conservative, holistic and kinder way, there would be less need and dependency on pharmaceuticals for everyday health issues.

Many patients work with their GP and specialists to help reduce their need for pain killers and anti-inflammatories, alongside using Chiropractic care.  We do not advocate reducing or stopping any medication on your own, without discussing this with your specialist before doing so.

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